Upcoming Events

On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 a delegation from the business community in Bangladesh will be in Los Angeles for the purpose of meeting with their counterparts in the Los Angeles business community.

The delegation will represent the food, transport, media, garments ( manufacturing, import, export), real estate, automobiles/motorcycles,  oil tankers, agriculture, cold storage/refrigeration, iron/steel and tourism sectors along with others. This will be a chance for representatives of the two countries to meet face to face and discuss mutually beneficial business opportunities.

The meeting will be held in the Los Angeles region at a time and location yet to be determined. It is sponsored by the US Bangladesh Business Forum; a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to fostering trade between the two nations. If you are interested in attending this special event (no cost to qualified attendees) please contact Manzur Chowdhury or Mason Yost.

When emailing us , please include your contact information with your area of business interest.


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